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Finding Treatments For Today's Patients

ALS 101

ALS Research 101's is a 2 hour seminars led by Dr. Steven Perrin, the CEO & Chief Scientific Officer at ALS TDI. Held at various locations around the US, ALS Research 101 is designed to provide ALS patients, caregivers and their families with:

  • Insight into the biology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

    "ALS 101 is an excellent program. All I have had is questions with ALS, and today I walked away with answers."

    - Marshall Pines, ALS 101 Chicago Attendee
  • Enhanced skills to partner with physicians in making well-informed treatment decisions.

  • Opportunity to connect with other patients and families in the ALS community, as well as with staff members who are passionately working every day to find a treatment for ALS.

  • Awareness of the ALS research performed to date and insight on the new research techniques being applied today and the resources available to patients.

  • Introduction to various web-based information resources.

  • In addition, Dr. Perrin will update his presentation between session to include the latest information on therapeutic topics of interest or other questions sent by those that register in advance.

All ALS TDI programs are free and open to the public. This program was redesigned for 2010 to include the latest topics of interest and importance to patients today.

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