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Clinical Trials

No effective ALS treatments are currently available in the marketplace. But today's clinical trials may lead to tomorrow's cure.

Recent Trial Launches:

Research Feed

  • TDI-053 7/3/2014 - completed survival/efficacy studies using this immune system modulating protein and began analysis of data
  • TDI-106 7/3/2014 - began new PK/PD studies using a modified version of this immunomodulating protein biologic
  • TDI-154 7/3/2014 - This small molecule targeting autophagy/proteasome entered was tested and found not to be efficacious. Closed project.
  • TDI-156 7/3/2014 - in vivo survival/efficacy studies began on this small molecule targeting the unfolded protein response mechanism.
  • TDI-186 7/3/2014 - Advanced this small molecule targeting UPR into in vitro validation

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