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From the people behind the microscopes to the folks who care for our laboratory animals, every person who collects a paycheck from ALS TDI shares a passionate commitment to our mission. When we show up to work everyday, we know that the hours we put in are taking us one step closer to finding a cure.

Executive Team

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Steven Perrin, Ph.D.
President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice Chairman
Click to send email to: Steven Perrin, Ph.D. Dr. Steven Perrin is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) in Cambridge, MA. He earned his Ph.D. at Boston University Medical Center studying the transcriptional regulation of genes during adipocyte and myocyte differentiation. Steven moved into the pharmaceutical industry in 1997 holding positions at the Hoechst-Ariad Genomics Center, Aventis Pharmaceuticals and more recently as Director of Molecular Profiling at Biogen Idec. Steven joined ALS TDI in 2007 as part of historical collaboration between the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Augie's Quest and ALS TDI to develop effective therapeutics for ALS patients. Since joining ALS TDI Steven has spearheaded the development of computational biology capabilities and information management systems to more clearly understand the molecular mechanisms associated with disease onset and progression in neurodegenerative diseases. He has expanded ALS TDI's drug screening program to include expertise in the generation and assessment of gene therapy vectors and protein biologics in preclinical models of neurodegeneration. He has developed a business plan to facilitate pharmaceutical partnerships for rapid clinical development and commercialization of promising targets for ALS patients. Steven is a frequent participant in international conferences in computational biology, genomics, drug development, and neurodegeneration.
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Bashar Al-Nakhala
Vice President of Information Technology
Click to send email to: Bashar Al-Nakhala Bashar Joined ALS TDI in 2005 initially as the Director of Bioinformatics. Today as Vice President of Information Technology, he oversees the organization technical infrastructure and internal technology systems. Bashar has over 22 years of experience in software development, information systems, and managing cross-functional teams. Prior to joining ALS TDI, Bashar was the Director of Development at IMN INC, a leading e-marking global company. There he led the engineering team that developed the company's (SaaS) e-communication and enterprise delivery systems. Prior to IMN, he was a technology advisor and a consultant to various early start-ups, large companies such as EMD Serono, and non-profits such as Youth Build USA, and Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. Earlier in his career, Bashar spent several years working at Microsoft and Amazon.com, where he was involved in developing some of their earlier products. Bashar holds an MBA from Northeastern University, and a Software Engineering and Computer Science degrees from the University of Washington and Wentworth Institute of Technology respectively.
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Al Gill, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research
Click to send email to: Al Gill, Ph.D. Al is an experienced pharmacologist/physiologist with a thorough understanding of practical investigation in complex in vivo animal systems. He came to ALS TDI after a one-year immersion in Huntington's disease drug discovery as the Director and Head of Pharmacology at EnVivo Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company concentrating on neurodegenerative diseases. Prior to EnVivo he worked for 13 years in Biogen and Biogen Idec's drug discovery research division where he instituted Biogen's Pharmacology Department. These efforts led to drug candidates that were the basis for collaboration with Merck and Co. for their clinical development, and to small molecule and protein potential therapeutics selected for development by Biogen Idec itself. Prior to working for Biogen, Alan worked for 12 years with Johnson & Johnson's worldwide drug discovery research division. He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the M.S. Hershey Medical Center of the Pennsylvania State University, and his Master's degree in Physiology and Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of San Francisco.
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Robert Goldstein
Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Development
Click to send email to: Robert Goldstein Since joining the Institute in 2004, Rob has played a crucial role in the creation and execution of the Institute's development, communication, and marketing strategies. Over the last decade, he has passionately worked with hundreds of ALS patients and families in the US and abroad to raise funds through networking and events to advance potential treatments for ALS toward the clinic. Rob regularly represents the Institute in business development and philanthropic development capacities and meets with both venture capitalists and venture philanthropists. He is the host of the Institute's monthly scientific webinar series, moderator of its online patient forum, and emcee of its annual Leadership Summit. While at ALS TDI, he has also helped to launch several major fundraising and awareness campaigns, such as the Driving4Life campaign (now ALS TDI Golf), the 4ALS Awareness campaign (with Major League Baseball) and the Young Faces of ALS campaign. Prior, Rob worked professionally in both television (WMUR) and radio (WMEB), gaining production and on-air experience, preparing him to help train staff and ALS advocates in media relations. He earned an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from the University of Maine and graduate degree in Public Affairs from the McCormack Graduate School for Policy Studies of the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

Research Team

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Fernando Vieira, M.D.
Director of Research Operations
Director of In Vivo Operations
Click to send email to: Fernando Vieira, M.D. Dr. Vieira has worked at ALS TDI since 2001 and has deep ties to the ALS/MND community. With nearly a decade in ALS research, he has served in many capacities advancing scientific efforts at the Institute. He has been integral to the design, execution, and oversight of over 1,000 preclinical studies, the majority of which directly relate to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He worked closely with former ALS TDI President Sean F. Scott to help develop the gold standard for preclinical survival testing using the G93A-SOD1 mouse model. Since presenting the study design guidelines to the international ALS research community at meetings and symposiums, much of the ALS research community has adopted them. Additionally, he has designed and validated a novel surgical method for constant infusion of therapeutics to the intrathecal space of mice. Currently, he manages the scientific project portfolio at ALS TDI, including both therapeutic and technology development projects. His previous research experiences include work in the University of Florida Condensed Matter Physics Lab and the University of Florida Vascular Surgery Lab. A native of Massachusetts, Vieira received a Bachelors Degree in biological engineering at the University of Florida and his medical degree from Harvard Medical School.
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John M. Lincecum, Ph.D.
Director of Discovery Biology
Click to send email to: John M. Lincecum, Ph.D. For four years John co-lead Biogen Idec's therapeutic discovery program in ALS and motor neuron disease. An expert in gene therapy for motor neuron disease, John has developed several innovative, patented techniques that have led to gene expression levels far beyond current published studies. At ALS TDI, John is expanding his work in retrograde transport of gene therapies injected into muscle, as well as direct intrathecal delivery of promising vectors — crucial in the validation of pivotal pathways. John received his doctorate in biochemistry from Boston University and pursued post-doctoral study at Harvard Medical School.
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Ken Thompson
Director of Lab Operations
Click to send email to: Ken Thompson In his unique role at ALS TDI, Ken ensures the ongoing success of ALS TDI's pivotal mouse studies program. Ken manages all laboratory functions including staffing, working with breeders and ensuring ALS TDI maintains the highest operational and process standards. In addition, Ken manages mouse studies, initiates and oversees all studies in the mouse research data system (LIMS), does formulations and creates daily drug solutions. A close friend of ALS patient Stephen Heywood, Ken discontinued his work in marine biology at the University of Alaska in 2000 to join ALS TDI as a formulations scientist. Ken's previous research experience includes the molecular examination of starvation markers in larval stage cod at the University of Rhode Island. Ken also serves as an officer of ALS TDI as the Assistant Secretary of the Corporation.
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Vladimir Morozov, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist / Computational Biology
Click to send email to: Vladimir Morozov, Ph.D. Vladimir analyzes data generated by high-throughput genomic technologies in order to discover the mechanism of ALS. He assists other ALS TDI scientists in accessing and statistical interpretation of the experimental data. Vladimir has 10 years of industrial experience in integration and analyzing biomedical data. He occupied various senior level scientific positions at LION Bioscience and ALTANA Research Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Chemical Enzymology from Moscow State University, Russia.
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Jerry De Zutter, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Click to send email to: Jerry De Zutter, Ph.D. Jerry manages and contributes to the productivity of ALS TDI's in vitro, RNA and cell-based assay validation group. Jerry's team is one of three that compose the discovery and pre-clinical research pipeline at ALS TDI. The group is responsible for the upstream activities of reagent and therapeutic validation, mostly achieved by designing and performing in vitro, cell-based assays. His team is also charged with downstream analysis of samples collected from our pre-clinical studies and data generation from the same. To accomplish the upstream cell-based validation activities, the group uses traditional cell biology techniques. For validation and downstream data generation and analyses, the team is responsible for operating automated liquid handling, real-time quantitative PCR and high throughput (96-peg) gene expression profiling technologies, all integrated into our custom-built LIMS platform. Jerry coordinates the group's integration in the discovery research pipeline, manages the day-to-day activities of the team's scientists, performs experiments as needed and contributes intellectually, in conjunction with other senior staff, to determining the direction of the ALS TDI's research program. Prior to joining ALS TDI, Jerry spent four years at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals gaining substantial experience in drug discovery. He earned his doctorate in molecular medicine, specializing in neurodegeneration research, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
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Monica Wang
Scientist I
Click to send email to: Monica Wang Formerly a member of Biogen Idec's ALS discovery program, Monica has 18 years of basic research experience in stem cell research and animal surgeries in diabetes and Parkinson's disease. She has spent five years focusing on HIV research at the New England Medical Center Hospital. She has extensive experience in the Cambridge biotechnology community, having held a senior position at Curis, where she filed successful patents. Monica is an expert in advanced confocal microscopy techniques, fluorescence, in-situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, and cutting edge 3D histology using polymerized tissue sections. Her novel techniques include quantification of motor neurons, extraction of complex nerve assemblies, and imaging of ALS neuromuscular junctions. She received an undergraduate degree in microbiology from the University of Massachusetts, and is pursuing a graduate degree in biology through the Harvard Extension School.
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Ricky Sanchez
Senior Associate Scientist
Click to send email to: Ricky Sanchez Ricky brings to Institute more than twenty years experience in research and industrial histopathology. Previously, he spent five years at Biogen Idec, Inc. as a histopathology supervisor. He also has over fifteen years research experience in nerve regeneration, inflammatory diseases, and cancer biology while working at Curis, and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Ricky received his BS in Biology and Histotechnology from Kean University of New Jersey. He and his family live in Andover, MA.
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Beth Levine
Senior Associate Scientist, Project Management
Click to send email to: Beth Levine Beth brings years of pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience to ALS TDI. She manages the acquisition of patient tissues from clinics around the country for study at the Institute, and as part of the Project Management team, she has made projects run at maximum efficiency to get ALS TDI to its goal of finding a treatment for ALS as fast as possible. Beth participates in many ALS fundraising events including riding in the Tri-State Trek and running in The Cure is Coming 5K.
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Cindy Gill
Senior Associate Scientist
Click to send email to: Cindy Gill Cindy received an undergraduate degree in Biology from Simmons College and spent 15 years in Research at biotechnology companies, including 9 years at Biogen. She was involved primarily in the discovery and testing of Immunology-based therapeutics, and has an extensive background in monoclonal antibody production and the in-vitro/in-vivo characterization of potential drugs. She took a break from biotech to nearly complete a second degree from Simmons in Nursing and to be home with her two children, Anna and Joe. At ALS TDI, Cindy works in the Pharmacology group to help evaluate in-vivo drug effects in the G93A model.
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Shawn M. Sullivan
Lead Application Developer
Click to send email to: Shawn M. Sullivan Joining ALS TDI in 2006, Shawn's role is to help build and maintain applications. Specifically, Shawn is working to expand the Web functionality of the ALS TDI drug discovery pipeline, the process database system we use to identify, evaluate, select and rank candidate drugs for testing. Shawn spent five years as a software developer at ImakeNews, where he helped clients such as Cisco Systems, Progress Software and Parametric Technology develop custom newsletters. He also has experience building AutoCAD import tools, and in QA (quality assurance.) Shawn attended Wentworth Institute of Technology.
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Andy Moreno
Research Associate II
Click to send email to: Andy Moreno Andy joined ALS TDI's in vivo team in 2002. Formerly an assistant in an animal facility at Harvard University, Andy's duties include administering drugs to ALS mice, scoring neurological impairment, performing surgery and collecting tissue. He manages four to six studies simultaneously, collecting and entering data into the LIMS database. In time, he will expand his surgical skills and perform intrathecal surgeries. Andy studied political science for two years at Boston College.
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Josh Kidd
Research Associate I
Click to send email to: Josh Kidd Josh is a Massachusetts native with 7 years experience working at ALS TDI as a Research Associate. Before coming to the Institute, Josh attended Minuteman Vocational Technical High School in Lexington, MA, where he earned a certificate in Graphic Design. Josh's family history with Huntington's Disease has given him a unique perspective and drives his desire to be a part of the effort to treat and cure devastating neurological diseases such as ALS. Since working at ALS TDI, he has earned his ALAT certification and is currently working towards a bachelors degree in biology at Northeastern University in Boston. Other than science, Josh is an avid animal lover and enjoys all things music and art. He currently calls Somerville his home.
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Matt Ferola
Animal Technician II
Click to send email to: Matt Ferola Having lost his grandmother's cousin to ALS, Matt has been an inspired member of the animal care team at ALS TDI since 2003. His primary goal is to maintain the facility and provide clean and healthy environments for all of the mice involved in research studies. Matt grew up in Somerville, Massachusetts and pursued a certificate in graphic communications before joining the research staff at ALS TDI.
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Carlos Maya
Animal Technician I
Click to send email to: Carlos Maya Carlos has worked with animals since he was a young boy growing up on a farm in Colombia. His father was a veterinarian and taught Carlos how to care for the diverse animals on their farm. Carlos moved to the United States is 1991 and resides in Chelsea, MA, with his wife Juliana, and their three young children, Rafael, Julian and Carlos Jr.
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Qinggong Ping
Scientist I
Click to send email to: Qinggong Ping Ping is a highly collaborative and self-motivated researcher with four years of research training at Harvard Medical School as well as six years of pharmaceutical industry experience in drug discovery and technology development projects at Sanofi-aventis. He has strong research experience in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and biomedicine, with extensive technical skills in drug target identification and validation and in biomarker development with various cell-based assays and MSD immunoassays. His research experience also includes immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy for human samples and animal studies. Ping joined the research team at ALS TDI in 2010, and lives in Wellesley, MA.
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Bingbing Jiang, Ph.D.
Scientist I
Click to send email to: Bingbing Jiang, Ph.D. Dr. Jiang has over ten years of research experience in Boston University and three years in Harvard Medical School, focusing on revealing cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in regulating inflammation, cell survival, tissue injury, remodeling, and fibrosis, and identifying therapeutic targets against disease development and progression. He has strong background in signal transduction and inflammation research, with extensive research skills in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, vascular biology, and immunotechnology. He received his Ph.D. in Medical Science from Osaka University, Japan, and pursued his post-doctoral study in Biochemistry and Vascular Biology at Boston University. Dr. Jiang joined the research team at ALS TDI in 2011.
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Michelle Pflumm
Science Writer & Journalist
Click to send email to: Michelle Pflumm Michelle Pflumm is a journalist interested in all things science, medicine and multimedia. She previously reported the latest news for the research journals Nature Medicine and Nature Methods. She also worked as a science writer at Children's Hospital Boston. A huge NPR fan, in 2010, she produced two science stories for WBUR's World of Ideas. She holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Haverford College, a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of California, Berkeley and a M.S. in Science and Medical Journalism from Boston University.
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Theo Hatzipetros, Ph.D.
Scientist II
Click to send email to: Theo Hatzipetros, Ph.D. Dr. Theo Hatzipetros is an in vivo pharmacologist who specializes in the field of neurodegeneration. He has extensive experience in animal research including the development of animal models of neurological diseases, PK/PD, toxicity and drug efficacy studies. Prior to joining ALS TDI, Theo worked on drug discovery for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease at FoldRx Pharmaceuticals. At ALS TDI, Theo's efforts are focused on the development of novel animal models of ALS and in evaluating therapeutic strategies for the treatment of the disease. Theo, originally from Cyprus, received his doctorate in pharmacology from Boston University School of Medicine for his thesis work on the neurotoxic effects of the psychostimulant methamphetamine.
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Valerie Tassinari
Research Technician
Click to send email to: Valerie Tassinari Valerie Tassinari is a member of the Research and Development in vivo and project management teams at ALS TDI. She came to Boston from Connecticut in 2009 to attend Boston University. Valerie started at ALS TDI in 2010 as a project management intern and, after earning her bachelor’s degree in marine science in 2012, joined the in vivo team full-time. Her responsibilities include molecular biology techniques such as quantitative RT-PCR with a focus on DNA and RNA extraction and gene expression. Specifically, her efforts focus on quantitative gene copy number analyses to facilitate high quality and interpretable in vivo target discovery and pharmacology studies. In addition to her molecular biology responsibilities, Valerie works within the project management team to ensure the proper storage and archival of research reagents.
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Matvey Lukashev, Ph.D.
Director, Translational Research
Click to send email to: Matvey Lukashev, Ph.D. Dr. Lukashev came to ALS TDI in 2013 with over 20 years of postgraduate research experience and 14 years of biotechnology industry experience. He has supported and led therapeutic discovery and development programs across all stages of drug development in therapeutic areas of neurology, oncology, immunology and fibrosis . His leadership of the research effort supporting clinical development of Tecfidera, an oral small molecule therapeutic recently approved by the FDA for treatment of multiple sclerosis was recognized by an Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award from Biogen Idec, Inc. Dr. Lukashev received a Ph.D. from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins and University of California, San Francisco.
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Jessie St. Martin
Associate Scientist
Click to send email to: Jessie St. Martin Jessie is a neuroscientist with 10 years of research experience. She received her Master's of Science from Brandeis University, where she studied the development of neural circuits. Prior to attending graduate school, Jessie worked in drug discovery at FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, helping to develop animal models of Parkinson's disease. At ALS TDI, Jessie works with inducible pluripotent stem cells from ALS patients to screen potential therapeutics. Jessie lives in Jamaica Plain with her son Lucas and her husband Ben.
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Alexandra Tsolias
Research Associate
Click to send email to: Alexandra Tsolias Alexandra is a recent graduate from Northeastern University where she received her bachelor's degree in Biology. She has previously worked as a member of various multidisciplinary teams at several biotechnology companies, and most recently, at an academic lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She has joined ALS TDI as a member of the translational research team. In her free time, Alexandra enjoys running, bikram yoga, and taking part in fundraising events.
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Operation & Fundraising Team

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Alicia Grossi
Development Director, Lead Management
Click to send email to: Alicia Grossi Soon after graduating from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Advertising, Alicia began her role as Program Manager at ALS TDI in September 2006. Currently the Northeast Regional Director, Mrs. Grossi provides ALS patients, their family and friends with current research information and the ability to raise funds and awareness for the ALS TDI laboratory. Additionally she plays key roles in the execution of several important fundraising and patient information programs at ALS TDI. Alicia's grandfather died of ALS at age 53, and her family has been dedicated to finding a treatment for ALS ever since. Recently married, Alicia lives with her husband Bryan in Boston. Her favorite activity after work is running near ALS TDI along the Charles River.
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Carol Hamilton
Director of Government Affairs and Foundations
Click to send email to: Carol Hamilton Carol initially joined ALS TDI in 2005 as a volunteer consultant in our federal funding efforts. She has worked closely with the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Capitol Hill, and the National Institutes of Health to familiarize government officials with our program, and increase our funding. We are honored to receive federal funding through the Department of Defense in recognition of our nation's veterans' unfortunate elevated incidence of ALS. Carol is also often involved in ALS TDI's work with foundations and major donors. She graduated from Georgetown University's School of Business, and has been active in politics and campaigns most of her life. Prior to joining ALS TDI, Carol was an executive with Saks Fifth Avenue, where she ran a $50 million a year business. Carol lives in Sherborn, and is the proud mother of two teenage girls.
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Lou Kobbs
Development Director
Click to send email to: Lou Kobbs Lou was first introduced to ALS TDI shortly after his best friend, Fran Delany, was diagnosed with ALS. Soon thereafter, Lou joined the fundraising team at ALS TDI in August 2000. Prior to joining ALS TDI, Lou spent 30 years in the High Tech Industry working for Digital Equipment Corporation, which was bought by Compaq Computer and subsequently acquired by Hewlett Packard. At the time of his retirement from Hewlett, Mr. Kobbs was the Planning and Operations Manager for the New England Customer Business District. In his role as the Southeast Regional Director, Lou attends ALS support groups, helping them understand the state of ALS research and how they can support its acceleration. In his position, Lou is responsible for all ALS TDI awareness campaigns and fundraising efforts across the southeast, from Maryland to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic Ocean to the western border of Texas. Lou also covers Canada. Over the past 9 years, Lou has worked with dozens of ALS patients and their families to develop events and campaigns which involve entire communities. Lou works out of his home office in Myrtle Beach, S.C. He is married to Loreta, and has 3 children; Chris, Mary Bridget and Ben scattered across the U.S.
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Mike Shannon
Development Director
Click to send email to: Mike Shannon Mike has extensive experience in fundraising and program development having worked for more than 11 years in the nonprofit world, primarily with YMCA. He also has held a variety of positions in the health club management field for 13 years, having worked both in the United States and Indonesia. Mike's background in board and committee development in his career provides him with the tools to work closely with the Family & Friends Community, to develop the Western Region and to lead the development of major gift programs for ALS TDI aimed at providing new ways to build upon the Institute's financial strength and independence. His motivation to work for ALS TDI is due in part to a relative who is currently living with ALS, and his original desire to work in association with a biotechnology company which serves patient populations in pursuit of change. Mike lives near and works out of the Institute's office in San Francisco, Calif.
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Jessica Sullivan
Director of Communications
Click to send email to: Jessica Sullivan Jessica joined ALS TDI's Communications Team in May of 2008 after several years of working in tourism and retail. She is responsible for the planning and execution of a comprehensive corporate communications and marketing strategy, as well as maintaining web-based resources that directly provide vital information to ALS patients and their families, like monthly update emails, annual newsletters, and the clinical trial database. Jessica also works to support the major fundraising and awareness campaigns at ALS TDI. She earned an undergraduate degree in European History from Suffolk University and a master's degree in Library Science from Simmons College. She lives in her hometown of Pepperell, Mass. on the New Hampshire border.
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Ben Wakefield
Application Developer
Click to send email to: Ben Wakefield Previous to joining ALS TDI in 2009, Ben spent six years working in software and web development on an aerospace maintenance & engineering application. Prior to that, he worked for an information technology consulting firm in client/server based technologies for two years. Ben is responsible for maintaining existing web applications and implementing new web strategies for ALS TDI. He currently resides in the Merrimack Valley with his wife and three children. Ben is a graduate of the University of Maine and has a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Click to send email to: Clare Reich
Clare Reich
Development Coordinator, Lead Management
Click to send email to: Clare Reich Clare learned of ALS TDI following the summer of 2007, when her brother, Corey, was diagnosed with ALS. Since Corey's diagnosis, Clare has helped her family run an annual fundraising event in support of ALS TDI under the name ''Corey's Crusade''. She also helped with the San Francisco venue of ALS TDI's first annual Young Faces of ALS Cornhole Challenge. Clare is originally from Piedmont, California, but she attended Colby College in Waterville, Maine, where she graduated with a degree in history in May of 2011 and where she was captain of the women's volleyball team. In addition to spending time with Corey, Clare enjoys traveling, reading, and sports. Clare joined ALS TDI in September of 2011 with the hope of helping ALS TDI in its mission of developing therapeutics to save her brother and all patients living with the disease today.
Click to send email to: Mari Sullivan
Mari Sullivan
Public Relations Manager
Click to send email to: Mari Sullivan Mari joined ALS TDI's Communications team in November 2011 after several years at various public relations agencies. She is responsible for leading media relations activities to raise awareness and promote the mission of ALS TDI, which includes creating and editing press releases and media alerts, pitching and placing stories, and identifying and implementing other promotional opportunities. She also manages ALS TDI's social media channels. In her previous roles, Mari contributed to media placements at outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, CNN and Fox Business. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in Communications.
Click to send email to: Maeve McNally
Maeve McNally
Executive Assistant
Click to send email to: Maeve McNally Maeve joined ALS TDI in January 2012; she is originally from Ireland and holds a Degree in Business Administration. She previously worked as a project manager at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Prior to this, she was employed at the Harvard Institute for International Development, following her role as an Administrator for a medical Non Government Organization based in East Africa that responded to complex emergencies. In her spare time, Maeve enjoys playing tennis. She lives with her family in Cambridge.
Click to send email to: Terri Handler
Terri Handler
Development Associate
Click to send email to: Terri Handler Being a member of a development team to raise funds for ALS research was never one of Terri's career goals, but goals change. ALS was an unknown disease to her family until January 2007, when her brother was diagnosed. They were devastated as they learned the details of his short future and supported him as he struggled to the end. When Terri moved to Boston in 2009, she approached the ALS Association to volunteer her time to do what was needed. Using her past experience in sales and education, she worked as an Event Planner, concentrating her efforts in Western Mass. In February 2011, she became more interested in research, and joined the Development Team at ALS TDI. She is pleased to be a part of the TDI team, a leader in reaching for a cure through cutting edge research. During the weekends, Terri enjoy hiking, biking and kayaking in the Berkshires with her husband and their three children.
Click to send email to: David Virden
David Virden
Development Director, Brand Promotions & Sponsorship
Click to send email to: David Virden Prior to joining ALS TDI in January 2012, David spent his career in consumer goods marketing developing initiatives and building awareness for brands including Dunkin' Donuts, Volkswagen and Samuel Adams. However, in October 2006 his father was diagnosed with ALS. From that moment forward, David wanted to apply his professional experience to ALS, creating the awareness and advocacy the disease so severely deserves. An annual rider in the ALS TDI Tri-State Trek since 2007, David has supported and admired ALS TDI's mission to end ALS. He is honored to be working for ALS TDI and doing his part to accomplish that mission. A graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, David enjoys cycling, being outdoors and dreaming of creative ways to entertain his two children.
Click to send email to: Ben Engle
Ben Engle
Development Manager, Brand Promotions
Click to send email to: Ben Engle Prior to becoming the Events Project Manager at ALS TDI, Ben spent several years working as a professional chef. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a minor in International Affairs. Ben is happy to be working with the team of intelligent and dedicated people at TDI who are 100% committed to finding a cure for ALS. While in college, Ben lived in Europe for a year in Germany and Portugal. He enjoys cooking and is happy that it is only a hobby now. He also enjoys travelling and being outdoors where he can hike and fish.
Click to send email to: Jillian Davis
Jillian Davis
Development Coordinator, Brand Promotions
Click to send email to: Jillian Davis Jillian joined the team as Development Coordinator - Events after diving in to one of ALS TDI's largest annual events as a Tri-State Trek intern. She graduated from Syracuse University in May 2012 with a degree in Public Relations and Hospitality Management. Her prior experience providing administrative, event, and fundraising support for local nonprofits, along with her desire to help others, led her to pursue a career in the nonprofit world. After witnessing the dedication, passion, and excitement of ALS TDI supporters and staff at the Trek, she became committed to ALS TDI's mission to end ALS and is happy to be on board. In her spare time, Jillian loves traveling, photography, eating lots of ice cream, and spending time with family and friends.
Click to send email to: Jenna Sills
Jenna Sills
Development Manager, Brand Promotions
Click to send email to: Jenna Sills Prior to joining ALS TDI's Events team in 2013, Jenna worked in the foundation department at a nonprofit hospital south of Boston to help raise both monetary support and awareness for the most severe medical needs of the South Shore community. She is responsible for assisting ALS TDI's third party events and committees across the country with logistics, website management, donation tracking, and other event necessities to support the national movement against ALS. A New Jersey native, Jenna currently lives with her husband in Weymouth, Mass. She graduated with a B.A. from Ithaca College in 2009.
Click to send email to: Adam Gracia
Adam Gracia
Development Associate
Click to send email to: Adam Gracia Adam comes to ALS TDI with a multifaceted background in nonprofit development and over his career has helped advance many worthy causes such as cancer research and animal welfare, as well as community, young professional, and leadership development. Drawn to the nonprofit biotech model and the mission-focused and entrepreneurial spirit of ALS TDI, Adam works to build engaging relationships with individuals and families affected by ALS to raise funds through personal and corporate giving, as well as special events. A native of Cape Cod, Adam spends his time with his two daughters, Ally and Ava, and their yorkie mix, Pepper, exploring beaches, hiking trails, and going to any and all 3D animated films. He holds bachelor degrees in English and Mass Communications from Westfield State University and a Masters in Management and Leadership from Webster University. Additionally, he is an Army veteran who served in Bosnia-Herzegovina and was an infantry squad leader at the time of his honorable discharge in 2008.
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Frances Swanson
Finance Associate
Click to send email to: Frances Swanson No bio available
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Roxanne Murden
Finance Associate
Click to send email to: Roxanne Murden No bio available
Click to send email to: Allison Kosciak
Allison Kosciak
Development Associate, Brand Promotions
Click to send email to: Allison Kosciak Allie began working for ALS TDI as a 2013 Tri-State Trek intern. She has now returned after completing her undergraduate degree in marketing and public relations from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. Allie is also currently pursuing a Master's in Project Management through Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. Allie has volunteered with many other non profits and after enjoying her time with ALS TDI last summer, she is excited to be working with the team again.
Click to send email to: Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh
Communications & Development Intern
Click to send email to: Gagan Singh Gagan is originally from New Jersey and is currently a 3rd year student at Northeastern University, where she is studying Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. Gagan loves to travel, and hopes to step foot onto every continent before the age of 30. Some of her hobbies include baking, eating, and cooking.
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Michael Lynch
Finance Intern
Click to send email to: Michael Lynch No bio available
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Sam Ketchum
Lab Intern
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Above & Beyond Award

  • June, 2013

    June, 2013

    A June recipient, Alicia Grossi

  • May, 2013

    May, 2013

    A May recipient, Clare Reich

  • January, 2013

    January, 2013

    A January recipient, Andy Moreno

  • January, 2013

    January, 2013

    A January recipient, Josh Kidd

  • December, 2012

    December, 2012

    A December recipient, Vanessa Plant

  • December, 2012

    December, 2012

    A December recipient, Ken Thompson

  • December, 2012

    December, 2012

    A December recipient, Ben Wakefield

  • November, 2012

    November, 2012

    A November recipient, Cindy Gill.