32,000 known genes in human genome
          100,000+ alternatively spliced transcripts                     10,000+ mouse models
                              6,000 FDA-approved drugs
What genes, models and
drugs will you choose? Let us help!


TDI Services is an innovative approach to drug discovery leading to faster, data driven decisions in the drug development process for neurodegeneration. We have taken the ground-breaking approach developed by the ALS Therapy Development Institute and made it available to all academics, non-profit foundations, and biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical organizations.

It is our mission to create interpretable and actionable data and drug development opportunities for our clients by using an integrated approach to target identification, model development and preclinical drug screening aimed at translating new treatment for unmet neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases.

The drug development process is challenging with different goals and milestones for each target and lead compound. Uniformity is not in the vocabulary of drug development. That's why we work with our clients to understand their decision making processes, their scientific research aims and their project timelines. We do this to help our clients advance potentially life changing medical research forward toward the clinic as rapidly as possible.

TDI Services is a unique disease modeling and drug development concierge service designed specifically for academics, non-profit foundations as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The services we are offer are crucial to your success whether you are looking to complement your organization’s existing scientific capabilities or access world-class talent on a contract basis as part of your virtual biotech team.

We value quality and efficiency above all else and will help you arrive at critical decision making milestones in your quest to advance your projects. Click here to contact us or to learn more about our gene expression, disease modeling or drug screening platforms.