TDI is the world's leaving preclinical ALS therapeutic screening organization. Our experience includes screening hundreds of compounds thoroughly. We have experience working with the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world in screening compounds in preclinical models of ALS. We have worked closely with these teams to get them an answer they can believe.

By working with TDI to screen your candidate therapeutic(s) you will gain access to more than a decade of experience in helping the leading drug companies in the world more promising treatments for this neurodegenerative disease forward. All of our preclinical drug screening clients receive:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Expertise in creating cell-based functional assays
  • Expertise in developing interpretable pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and survival efficacy studies in vivo (SOD1 mouse model)
  • Real-time updates on project status via secured online web portal
  • Final report showing outcomes against known similar drugs and suggested next steps

We’ll work with you to understand the unique characteristics of your candidate therapeutic(s) and then design the appropriate assays and experiemnts needed to know what effect if any it on the onset and progression. Several of our preclinical animal models have similar pathologies yet diverse genetic associations with multiple human neurological diseases. This provides a unique opportunity to characterize your lead candidates across multiple potential disease indications inlcuding ALS, Alzheimer's, and frontotemporal dimentia.

About TDI Services

TDI Services is a unique disease modeling and drug development concierge service designed specifically for academics, non-profit foundations as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The services we offer are crucial to your success whether you are looking to complement your organization's existing scientific capabilities or access world-class talent on a contract basis as part of your virtual biotech team.

We value quality and efficiency above all else and will help you arrive at critical decision making milestones in your quest to advance your projects. Click here to contact us or to learn more about our gene expression, disease modeling or drug validation platforms.

We literally wrote the book on preclinical drug screening in ALS.

Historically the translation of preclinical findings to treatments for patients has been disappointing in ALS due to a lack of rigorous preclinical drug testing.

ALS TDI wrote the book on what are the pitfalls in this process and how to design and power experiments to avoid them.

Our advances in these efforts to improve preclinical drug development in ALS has been recognized in many related fields (Nature, IOM).

Our team’s approach to preclinical drug screen is now the accepted standard for most grant making organizations in the world. More so, nearly every compound that is going into the clinic today has been screened using the techniques and protocols developed by our team.

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