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2020 Virtual ALS TDI Summit
Friday, December 4, 2020
In an effort to keep our community safe, we have decided to make the 2020 ALS TDI Summit a virtual event. This virtual event will provide an overview of ALS TDI's cutting-edge research to end ALS and will be open to all members of the community.
More details and registration information coming soon!
About the Summit
Last year, the Summit included updates on preclinical drug screening occurring in models of ALS, the identification of potential biomarkers of disease progression, the development of potential new clinical trial endpoints, and the advancement of promising treatments into and through trials in people with ALS.
The ALS TDI Summit is free and is open to all members of the ALS community, including:
  • people with ALS
  • caregivers
  • friends and family members
  • members of the ALS research and science community
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Leadership Summit
Leadership Awards
Leadership Awards
Named for the people who have inspired our work, supported our mission, and fueled our spirit, the Leadership Awards honor those who lead us in the battle against ALS. Awards are presented at the Leadership Summit.
While these awards are given by ALS TDI, they are given truly on behalf of the ALS community. All those to be recognized are nominated by the community itself. Each recipient exemplifies in their own way the many different ways in which members of the ALS community show leadership. For more information about each of the four awards, and past recipients, see below.
Fran Delaney Challenge & Respect Award
This award is presented to a member of the ALS community who has shown true leadership by engaging the community to advocate for, and accelerate, research. Through involvement in fundraising and awareness events, this person demonstrates unique ability to organize and inspire others to help end ALS. They challenge those around them to join the fight against ALS, and actively spread awareness of the ALS Therapy Development Institute’s work and mission.
2018 - Jeff Swick & PHAALS Foundation. 2017 - Rick Marks. 2016 - Gosnell Family. 2015 - Beth Hebron. 2014 - Deb Quinn. 2013 - Andy Rubenstein. 2012 - Dr. Theresa Stephan Hains. 2011 - Thomas Ohlson. 2010 - Tim LaFollette. 2009 - Michael Goldsmith. 2008 - Emily Stoddard. 2007 - Dave Virden, Jr. 2006 - General Tom Mikolajcik. 2005 - Faye Magneson.
Mary Lou Krauseneck Courage & Love Award
This award is presented to a member of the ALS community who demonstrates unwavering courage and optimism. The recipient of this award selflessly leads by example to uplift and inspire those around them. They believe in the power of positivity and remain committed to finding treatments for ALS. This individual consistently serves as a model of strength, courage, and love in the ALS community.
2018 - Chris Curtin. 2017 - Collin & Emily Hadley. 2016 - Rusty Perry. 2015 - Bobby Forster. 2014 - Steve & Hope Dezember. 2013 - Jenny Gore Dwyer. 2012 - Reverend Bill Hassel. 2011 - Megan Mishork (posthumously). 2010 - Carla Zilbersmith. 2009 - Michele Dupree. 2008 - Carmen Hoyo, Pam Callahan. 2007 - Darryl Goss, Robin Dorogusker. 2006 - Shannon McLaughlin. 2005 - Amy Whipple.
Stephen Milne Adventurous Spirit Award
This award is presented to a member of the ALS community who strives to find new and innovative ways to fundraise, advocate, and raise awareness for ALS research. The recipient of this award constantly explores bold new approaches to engage others in the fight to end ALS. They are driven by a commitment to excellence in ALS advocacy as they inspire their community to support the mission of the ALS Therapy Development Institute.
2018 - Patty Haberstroh. 2017 - Michael “Boomer” Wallace. 2016 - Smith & Hanses Families. 2015 - Sarah Coglianese, Maureen Ramirez and Team Godfather. 2014 - Stephen Finger. 2013 - Rich Cochran & Roger Petrone. 2012 - Eric Engdahl. 2011 - Sharon Isles. 2010 - Eric Valor. 2009 - CarolAnn Garrett. 2008 - Mickey Butts. 2007 - Jeff Repetto. 2006 - Dick Sanderson, Brian Stanfield. 2005 - Steve Lewis.
Stephen Heywood Patients Today Award
This award is presented to a person with ALS who has been an exemplary community advocate for ALS research and awareness. They are knowledgeable of current research, willing to inform the community about research trends and advancements, and eager to serve as an educator for those unfamiliar with ALS. They challenge ALS researchers to remain firmly planted within the ALS community and focus on people with ALS today, in the hope of accelerating treatments and cures as quickly as possible. This person is a role model for people with ALS, encouraging them to find the strength and determination to fight this disease through research each and every day.
2018 - Cory Burell. 2017 - Osiel & Bella Mendoza. 2016 - Andrea Lytle Peet. 2015 - Matt Bellina, Jay Smith. 2014 - Anthony Carbajal, Pat Quinn. 2013 - Kevin Swan. 2012 - Peter Frates, Rob Tison (posthumously). 2011 - Frank Provost. 2010 - Steve Saling. 2009 - Corey Reich. 2008 - Ken Patterson. 2007 - Scott Stafne. 2006 - Jon Blais. 2005 - Joe Shambo, Matt Dowd.

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