The Precision Medicine Program

The Precision Medicine Program

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Find Treatments for ALS
ALS Therapy Development Institute
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Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)

Can PALS use a BiPAP in the trial?
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Can PALS use a DPS in the trial?
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Edaravone Usage

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Purpose: The Precision Medicine Program (PMP) at the ALS Therapy Development Institute is the world's premier partnership between scientists and people with ALS to identify treatments and cures. This pioneering partnership has resulted in the creation of the largest, patient-linked database integrating ALS genetics, voice recordings, lifestyle, demographics and accelerometer data. As a result of this, this trial may lead to the identification of new surrogate endpoints for ALS clinical trials - making them small and faster - as well as finding potential treatments for the various subtypes of ALS.
Eligibility: 1) ALS diagnosis - possible, probable, suspected, definite 2) Access to the internet and 3) the ability to consent.
Details: Everyone with an ALS diagnosis can sign-up and provide their data to the PMP. All data collection is done online, no travel. Participants have access to a secure portal to enter their data and review it as well as PMP progress online. Those that meet additional criteria may be asked to participate in additional arms of the PMP.
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