I lost my brother David to ALS in May of 2010. I miss him every day. He is why I have committed my life to doing everything I can to end the devastation of this disease.

I’ve always wished David could have seen the Tri-State Trek. I know he would have been so moved by the entire weekend….the hundreds riding and raising funds, the supporters cheering along the route, the stories we all share on Saturday night.

This year will be uniquely special for me because my brother will "be" at the Trek. That's because this year on the Tri-State Trek route, Mile 18, the day of his birthday and that of his daughters, will be dedicated to David. His picture and story will be there to inspire not just me, but all of us, as we ride that mile.

I invite you to choose a mile of your own to dedicate to someone you love.  Whether you are dedicating it to remember a loved one, honor someone who inspires you, or thank someone for their service, that mile will be "theirs." Their presence and story will be there to inspire us at the Tri-State Trek, even if they can’t.

Your donation of $500, through our Dedicate A Mile program, will support ALS TDI’s relentless work to find an effective treatment for ALS; the disease we are all committed to ending.

I so look forward to seeing your loved one "at" the Trek this year.


Terri Handler
Development Director at ALS TDI