News from the ALS Therapy Development Institute
Volume 20 Issue 4 | April 2019

Team Cafe Martin and Boston K Men Unite!

Since 1939, when Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with ALS, the baseball community has been a huge advocate for ALS awareness. From fundraisers to awareness days, the MLB has been involved in countless efforts to help in the fight against ALS. Now in 2019, the Boston K Men and Team Cafe Martin are teaming up to #EndALS! Read more here.

Introducing NEW ALS Community Groups

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is proud to present ALS Community groups - a new program to provide a space for people affected by ALS to come together to encourage connection and continuous exchange of information between local community members.

Through ALS Community groups, we will learn from and support each other, and discuss how we can fight together to end ALS. Your local ALS Community is also an opportunity for ALS TDI to get to know you and connect on a personal level. To find an ALS Community near you click here.

Come Visit Your Lab!

Do you want to see the lab at ALS TDI in person? We take our open door policy very seriously; if you are living near or visiting Boston, you can schedule a lab tour with our team! While you're here, you will learn more about our history and our strategy to #EndALS, and meet the scientists working hard to make it happen. Schedule your lab tour here


ALS Unfiltered is Back

ALS Unfiltered is a series of live expert-led presentations and candid conversations on ALS, current drug research, clinical trials, ALS resources and more. We are thrilled to announce that ALS TDI's CEO, Steve Perrin Ph.D., will be hosting our first ALS Unfiltered event of 2019 on Thursday, April 4, in San Diego, CA. ALS Unfiltered sessions will be scheduled in a number of cities across the US during 2019. If you are interested in having an ALS Unfiltered in your area, please contact us at