Ideas to Start a Fundraiser
Ideas to Start a Fundraiser
Whether you want to create a virtual fundraiser or a community event, every dollar raised gets us closer to ending ALS. Some ideas for fundraisers include:
in honor of
In Honor Of
Create a fundraising page to honor someone impacted by ALS.
take a challenge
Special Occasion
Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other milestone by inviting friends and family to donate.
take a challenge
Athletic Event
Organize an event that challenges participants and encourages fundraising and friendly competition.
take a challenge
Ticketed Event
Sell tickets for your fundraising event such as a gala, summer picnic, trivia night or improv show!
How to Start a Fundraiser
How to Start a Fundraiser How to Start a Fundraiser
It's easy to start your own fundraiser or donate to an existing fundraiser using RAISE, ALS TDI's digital fundraising platform. RAISE will walk you through the steps to start a fundraising page and share your event. Visit RAISE and get started by clicking here.