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Yiding in the Lab Yiding in the Lab
Drug Discovery Is What Will End ALS
The treatments in the current clinical pipeline may slow ALS for some, but they will not be enough to end ALS.
We need to discover many more treatments.
The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is the largest drug discovery lab in the world focused solely on finding treatments for ALS.
This is Your Lab
As you read this, our team of researchers and scientists are urgently working in our Boston-area lab – screening drugs, studying animal models, and collecting and analyzing data from people with ALS. The complexity of this disease is staggering, but we are relentless. We will not stop until we have treatments for everyone living with ALS.
“I support ALS TDI because not only is their focus on ALS research and finding a treatment, but ALS TDI focuses on the ALS community, those actually living with the disease. ALS TDI understands the urgency that people with ALS live with in finding a treatment and is driven by that urgency.”
Jenny Dwyer, Member of the Board of ALS TDI
- Jenny Dwyer, Member of the Board of ALS TDI, wife of Pat Dwyer, diagnosed with ALS in 2005 and passed away in 2013
“ALS TDI is one of the world's most transformative medical research institutes focused on ALS. We have applied business principles with the leadership of Dr. Fernando Vieira to find a cure for ALS! I am proud to lead that effort as its Chairman.”
Augie Nieto, Chairman of the Board of ALS TDI
- Augie Nieto, Chairman of the Board of ALS TDI, living with ALS since 2005
Relentless Research

Relentless Research

At the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) our sole mission is to discover and develop treatments for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as quickly as possible. ALS TDI is the most comprehensive drug discovery lab dedicated to ALS research. As one of the world's only nonprofit biotech companies, we are led by drug development experts and people with ALS.
Fueled By the Community

Fueled By the Community

As a nonprofit, we are only answerable to our supporters, the ALS community. Our research is funded by the ALS community, a global network of supporters whose lives have been affected by this disease, and who are unified to end ALS. We're getting closer, but we need your help.
Making An Impact

Making An Impact

Our scientific team created tegoprubart, a potential treatment for ALS that is now in clinical trials. We've also pioneered the first ALS Precision Medicine Program to help identify more potential treatments faster. Our team is working on an urgent basis to identify more potential treatments and make them available to people living with ALS.