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Unlocking the power of data and collaboration to end ALS
ARC Data Commons grants researchers access to over eight years of de-identified natural history data contributed by people with ALS – affording an unprecedented level of insight into this complex disease.
Through the ARC Data Commons, researchers can begin to ask more targeted questions about the connections between ALS symptoms, genetics, and disease biology. By providing a large, ever-expanding dataset, and powerful tools to filter and visualize the data, the ARC Data Commons will enable scientists to answer these complex questions – that previously might have required months or years of research – in a matter of minutes.
This database will continue to grow as people with ALS contribute more data to the ongoing ALS Research Collaborative (ARC) natural history study.
How ARC Data Commons Can Inform Your Research
The ARC Data Commons enables researchers to easily search and analyze these deidentified data so that they can better understand ALS patient subsets and discover potential targets for treatments. Key features of the ARC Data Commons include:
  • Ability to visualize aggregated data in chart form
  • Narrow down data to focus on specific characteristics
  • View information (or collective data) from surveys and innovative digital measures of movement and speech
ALS TDI invites researchers around the world to readily analyze this first-in-kind dataset to reveal insights that will lead to the discovery and development of new medicines for ALS.
If you are a researcher who would like additional information about the ARC Data Commons, please contact us by clicking the button below.
What Makes ARC Unique?
Over Eight Years of Data
ARC is an evolution of ALS TDI's PMP, the longest-running natural history study in ALS
Doesn't End Until We End ALS
We intend to continue the ARC study until we have the knowledge to develop effective treatments for everyone with ALS
Data Updates Daily
Every day the ARC Data Commons is updated with new data
Globally Accessible
Researchers can access the ARC Data Commons from anywhere in the world
Anyone Can Participate
Anyone with ALS can participate in the ARC study from home
Comprehensive Data
Comprehensive collection and sharing of diverse data related to clinical ALS
Custom-Built Tools
With Google, ARC Data Commons has created tools to easily filter, visualize, and download data
Ever Evolving
As the ARC study grows, we will continue to add new data types to expand the ARC Data Commons
Preview the ARC Data Commons
Watch this short demo to see examples of how data can be viewed and filtered in the ARC Data Commons.
This demo was recorded during beta testing. Due to this, the load times for the data shown may vary, and all current updates may not be reflected.
Want to Access ARC Data Commons?
Academic researchers, nonprofit organization representatives, and industry partners will be invited to access the data – for-profit industry partners will be charged a system maintenance fee.
If you are interested in accessing the ARC Data Commons contact us here.
Please be aware that the ARC Data Commons is still currently in beta testing.