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ALS Town Hall Details

The ALS Town Hall events will be held through Zoom video conferencing, and will be hosted by ALS TDI staff. Each event will focus on a different topic and will include time for discussion and questions. Community members will be invited to submit their questions when they register for a Town Hall event. ALS TDI will work with the community and participants to develop relevant and engaging topics for each session. Examples of ALS Town Hall event topics could include:

  • Familial ALS/Genetic Testing
  • How to Participate in Clinical Trials
  • Building ALS Awareness Outside the ALS Community

Please see below for the schedule of upcoming ALS Town Hall events.

ALS Town Hall Logo

Upcoming ALS Town Halls

There are no ALS Town Halls currently scheduled. You can sign up for our emails to get updates on future ALS Town Halls.

How to Participate

Please note, attendees are not required to use video when participating in town hall.
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