25 Years of
25 Years of
Breaking Ground. Forging Paths. Driving Progress.
Breaking Ground. Forging Paths. Driving Progress.
April of 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of ALS TDI's founding. To commemorate this milestone, we want to reflect on what we have learned, acknowledge progress across the ALS research space, and discuss how we are continuing toward our mission of ending ALS.
ALS TDI: Our Story
Watch our videos to learn about the evolution of ALS TDI, from our origin as the first-ever nonprofit biotech, to growing our lab to what is now the largest drug discovery lab in the world focused solely on ALS.
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Leading Innovation in ALS Research
Our innovation and relentless research has allowed us to make amazing strides in ALS research! Hold and drag left and right or scroll to view our initiatives and their milestones.
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ALS TDI Through the Years