The Drug Discovery
Engine For ALS
The Drug Discovery
Engine For ALS
Discovering drugs until every person with ALS has effective treatments.
The Problem
"Closer" Isn't Enough
The drugs that are currently being tested in people with ALS may slow progression for some, but they won't be enough to end ALS.
If we want everyone with ALS to have effective treatment options, we need to discover many more treatments.
Together We Will End ALS
The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is the largest drug discovery lab in the world focused solely on finding treatments for ALS.
As a nonprofit biotech we answer only to the ALS community. We are united in one shared mission – to ensure that everyone with ALS has access to effective treatments.
Andy Lab
What We Do
We have a pipeline and a plan
Our work has enabled multiple therapies for ALS to move forward into human clinical development. And we're not going to stop.
Drugs our research helped to advance to human trials. Tegoprubart (AT-1501) AP101 CuATSM Promising discoveries we are working to advance Type I PRMT Inhibitors Redox Metabolism Modulators
As a nonprofit, ALS TDI invests all funds to fulfill our charitable mission. Funds we receive for drugs that we discover will be re-invested in our lab to help us find more ALS treatments.
Have questions about how we plan to advance more treatments to trials? Attend our Town Hall to have a live discussioon with ALS TDI's CEO.
Can't Attend?
We Have a Mission
We will not stop until we have treatments for everyone with ALS.
Fernando Vieira, M.D., CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at ALS TDI Fernando Vieira, M.D., CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at ALS TDI
“Many of us at ALS TDI, myself included, have grieved as loved ones have suffered with ALS. So, alongside you, we dedicate our lives to changing the prognosis for this disease”
- Fernando Vieira, M.D.,
CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at ALS TDI
How We Solve It
ALS TDI is the Drug
Discovery Engine
Our multidisciplinary lab exists to invent and discover life-changing treatments for every person with ALS.
Every day, our scientists are working relentlessly to find new ways to treat this disease, and to ensure that those treatments advance to trial.
1. We invent and discover
ALS treatments in our
multidisciplinary lab.
Kaly Lab
2. We partner to ensure that
treatments discovered in our lab
can advance into clinical trials.
Kyle Lab
3. We won't stop at one
successful treatment. We keep
doing this work, over and over.
Yiding Lab
Our doors won't close until every person diagnosed with ALS has effective treatment options – options that will prevent, slow, stop, or reverse their ALS.
Theo Hatzipetros, Ph.D., Director of Preclinical Pharmacology at ALS TDI Theo Hatzipetros, Ph.D., Director of Preclinical Pharmacology at ALS TDI
“Just by virtue of the fact that we see more hits in the animal model, that will eventually deliver more hits in the clinic. One thing that we like to say is, 'more shots on goal equals more goals.'”
- Theo Hatzipetros, Ph.D.,
Director of Preclinical Pharmacology at ALS TDI
Who We Are
We Are The Experts In
ALS Drug Discovery
We aren't just funding the research, we’re doing it.
It takes expertise, dedication, and countless hours of work to bring one ALS treatment to trial.
All of that work happens here, in the ALS TDI lab.
We Are Poised to Make An Impact
ALS TDI is at a critical point in our research. We know more about ALS than we ever have, and we have a comprehensive team of experts that is attacking this disease from every angle.
How We Do It
We are fueled by
the community
ALS TDI is funded by people with ALS, their friends, and families – because they believe that our scientists will discover the treatments needed to end it.
We know that what exists in the clinical pipeline is not enough. But together, we can discover treatments that will change the future for everyone with ALS.
We are the drug discovery engine for ALS.
Your support fuels our research to end ALS.
Alex Heywood Alex Heywood
“Though my father did not live to see it, he truly believed that by uniting the community, and working together to fund research, we could find a cure for ALS. Today, his legacy is alive in the ALS Therapy Development Institute and their relentless work to end ALS.”
- Alex Heywood,
son of Stephen Heywood, ALS TDI cofounder who was diagnosed with ALS in 1998 and passed away in 2006
What You Can Do
You have the power to help
move treatments forward
Do you want to help change the future of ALS?
Together We Will END ALS
ALS Community ALS Community
ALS TDI is the drug discovery engine for ALS. Your support is our fuel.
You can help us end ALS.