The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It's one year later and there is still no cure. So, now what? We do it all over again... This August. And every August until a cure.

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Worried about wasting water?
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IBC 2014


IBC 2014 Breakdown received $4 million from the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. Considering over $220 million was raised globally, it was a drop in the bucket. And since then, every penny has been spent on research. More>

IBC 2015


IBC 2015

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Worried about wasting water? Here are eight legit alternatives:

  1. Don't do the challenge, and make a direct donation instead! Brag about it on social media e.g. "I'm saving water and still donating to the Ice Bucket Challenge!"
  2. Donate $10 by texting ALS to 80077!
  3. Fill the bucket with socks!
  4. Take the challenge in the shower/pool/ocean/lake etc.
  5. Run through a sprinkler!
  6. Next time you take your car through the car wash, record it and call it the Ice Bucket Challenge (nobody said there were rules!)
  7. Use the imagination of a 5-year-old and fill the bucket with make-believe!
  8. Get creative! That's what gets you noticed :)