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Our Pipeline of ALS Research
ALS TDI Researchers ALS TDI Researchers
Today, our research pipeline is more robust than it has ever been.
Our comprehensive approach and years of innovation have led to the discovery of potential treatments in our own lab, as well as helped to elevate ALS research around the world.
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Leading Innovation in ALS Research
Our innovation and relentless research have allowed us to make amazing strides in ALS research! Click on the projects to the right below to view the details of each of our research milestones.
  • Discovery of an Entirely New Drug Target for ALS
  • Innovation in iPSC Screening for ALS
  • Pioneering ALS Research Informed by People with ALS
  • Partnering to Advance an ALS Treatment to Clinical Trials
  • Invention of Tegoprubart (AT-1501): an ALS Treatment Currently in Clinical Trials
  • Establishing the Global Standards for Preclinical ALS Studies
  • Building the Most Comprehensive ALS Research Lab
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