ALS Month



At any given moment in the United States, there are 30,000 people living with ALS and an estimated 450,000 people worldwide. When they are given their diagnosis, they are told that there are no treatments, no cure and no hope for a life past two to five years from the time of their diagnosis.

Two to five years.

During those years, a person living with ALS can expect to lose the ability to move up to all voluntary muscles in their body, while their mind, senses and soul remain completely intact. They are told to "put their affairs in order," while they gradually become locked inside their own body. We would not wish this fate on even our worst enemies as it is cruel, barbaric and brutal.

There is still hope.

This month, we want to talk about the unbelievable realities of this disease and how it makes those impacted feel. And "those impacted" can mean anyone and everyone in the ALS community. We are sharing photos and videos on Facebook of people answering the question "How does ALS make you feel?" using just three words. Share your own picture or video using the hashtags #InThreeWords and #EndALS and encourage your friends and family to get involved too.


Let's #SpreadTheWord about ALS and raise enough funds for our most promising treatment AT-1501, so that one day soon our friends, neighbors, and loved ones will be spared the horror that is ALS.



Never Give Up!


Every Penny Counts



How to Participate

  • Download the #InThreeWords template here to print
  • Write out your three words on the page
  • Upload and share your photo or video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube
  • Use the hashtags #InThreeWords #OwnALS, #EndALS and tag @alstdi to help us spread the word



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