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Staying connected. GSK's ozanezumab may enable motor neuronal axons damaged by ALS to be repaired and reconnected to muscle fibers by mopping up Nogo-A (an axon growth blocker) in the surrounding debris. Image: JieFei Yang PhD, Salk Institute.

Motor neurons signal our muscles to move. But in people with ALS, the neuromuscular junctions that transmit these electrical messages crumble leading to muscle weakness, paralysis and respiratory failure.

Researchers are working hard to develop medicines that protect these structures in hopes to slow or stop the progression of disease.  One of these medicines, GlaxoSmithKline’s ozanezumab (GSK1223249), hopes to do just that by helping keep the motor nerves and muscle fibers connected.

Ozanezumab is currently being tested in the clinic. A 48 week phase II trial is ongoing.  Nearly 300 people with ALS are expected to participate worldwide.

ALS Today’s Michelle Pflumm PhD talked to participating neurologist Pierre-François Pradat MD PhD of the Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpétrière in Paris to learn more about ozanezumab and its potential to treat ALS going forward.


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