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Power up Biogen Idec's dexpramipexole hoped to slow ALS by keeping the power on in the deteriorating motor nerves. Image: Judith Stoffer, NIGMS.

Biogen Idec pulled the plug on its potential energy booster, dexpramipexole, this month due to its inability to show efficacy at the phase III stage in the clinic. 

The drug is one of two emerging medicines that appeared to slow ALS by more than 30% at phase II. And, one of at least 9 drugs at phase III that were unable to show substantial benefit in the clinic.

Nearly 1000 people with ALS participated in the phase III clinical trial.

The results suggest that experts might need to rethink the design of phase II clinical trials for ALS to better inform go/no go decisions.

ALS Today’s Michelle Pflumm PhD talked with Biogen Idec’s Director of Neurodegenerative Research Doug Kerr MD PhD about dexpramipexole, the lessons learned and the development of future medicines for ALS going forward.


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