Augie Nieto is a pioneer in the fitness industry, a larger-than-life business titan, and athlete who founded Life Fitness and Life Cycle in 1977. Thirteen years ago, it was a tragic irony when he was suddenly diagnosed with ALS--the very disease that robs people of their muscles, and everything exercise affords.

With guidance from a team of friends, researchers, and medical experts, Augie came to understand the bleak reality that ALS lacked the critical support or widespread research needed to find treatments and cures.

So, Augie found a new life mission.

Together with his wife Lynne, he founded Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS. They started to rally friends, family, a business network and the entire fitness industry behind their cause. Teaming up with hundreds of popular brands, clubs and boutique gyms to join the fight, and through events, partnerships, and fundraising activities around the globe, they raised more than $60 million for research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Lynne is the love of Augie’s life and he hers. They live in Corona del Mar, CA with their dog, Rubye. They have four adult, married children and seven grandbabies. Theirs is a remarkable story, an unlikely and enduring love story, one that is also changing the way ALS treatments and research are funded and advanced, with exercise and fitness a key piece of the puzzle. Despite ALS, the couple is literally changing the course of this horrific disease.

“I have a better husband today than I did 13 years ago,” says Lynne. “Augie talks about winning the war on ALS. He has done everything to win that war. He has fought it bravely. He’s determined. He’s tenacious and he’s singly focused on this. And I do believe in my heart of hearts that he will succeed.”

So do we Augie, so do we! Everyone at ALS TDI loves you and thanks you for your leadership and inspiration! Happy Birthday!