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Cambridge, MA, February 19, 2020 - On Wednesday, February 19, TODAY featured a special segment with Natalie Morales that focused on Project Euphonia and the partnership between the ALS Therapy Development Institute and Google. The segment showed how Project Euphonia technology has potential to allow people with speech impairments, including those with ALS, the ability to communicate.

The segment included an interview at the ALS TDI lab in Cambridge with our Chief Scientific Officer, Fernando Vieira, MD. Fernando spoke about how the partnership with Google allowed ALS TDI to leverage the large amounts of patient data that we have been collecting through our Precision Medicine Program (PMP).  It also included interviews with members of the Google team who worked with us on Project Euphonia. Additionally, Andrea Peet, a PMP participant, spoke to Natalie about how her participation in helping to test and offer feedback regarding prototype technology through Project Euphonia has impacted her life and given her new independence.

Data from ALD TDI’S Precision Medicine Program is an integral part of Project Euphonia. Anyone with ALS can add their data to PMP—regardless of where you live or what stage of the disease you are at. Learn more about our PMP here.