Our Team Will do Anything to End ALS!

We aren’t just asking the community to fundraise for ALS research. The team at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is also helping to raise vital funds. In fact, ALS TDI's fearless leaders, Chief Operations Officer Bashar Al-Nakhala, and Chief Scientific Officer Fernando Vieira, have created their own fundraiser, Shave for ALS, to support the cause.

Vote to Determine Who Shaves Their Head
ALS TDI's CSO Fernando Vieira (left) and COO Bashar Al-Nakhala (right)
Both Bashar and Fernando are willing to SHAVE THEIR HEADS to raise funds for research! You can help to decide which team captain keeps, or loses their hair by voting for their respective teams (Operations or Science). Whichever team receives the most votes will get to watch the OTHER Team's Boss shave their head! 

How it Works:
  • Go to https://fundraise.als.net/shaveforals to vote for the team of your choice
  • Each dollar donated counts as one vote
  • The deadline to vote is June 20th
  • The loser will shave their head on Father’s Day, June 21
Vote Now!
What Dare Will You Do to End ALS?

The “Shave for ALS” fundraiser is part of our new fundraising initiative “Dare Me to End ALS”. Through "Dare Me to End ALS" you can create a dare for yourself (or ask your friends to create one for you) and pledge to do it in exchange for donations to ALS Research. 

Your dare can by anything fun and creative that you think your friends and network would donate to see you do (just please make sure that it’s safe). All you have to do is set a goal, share it with friends, and, of course, make sure to follow through with your dare. Learn more here.