The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) Board of Directors has announced that Fernando G. Vieira, M.D., was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ALS TDI during its April 7 meeting. Dr. Vieira has spent 20 years at ALS TDI conducting preclinical, translational, and clinical research in ALS. As CEO, he is now stepping into the role held for the last 12 years by Steve Perrin, Ph.D., who will remain at ALS TDI as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

"I would like to express my gratitude to Steve for building a world-class institute and advancing AT1501 into the clinic for people living with ALS,” said Augie Nieto, chairman of the board of directors at ALS TDI and a person with ALS. “Fernando has been an integral leader at ALS TDI almost since its inception. I have confidence in Fernando’s leadership and commitment to continue the pace of discovery and therapeutic development that sets ALS TDI apart."

Since joining ALS TDI in 2001, Dr. Vieira has been integral to key discoveries and innovations, including the discovery of CD40lg and PRMTs as a therapeutic targets for ALS, the characterization and optimization of animal models of ALS, and the implementation of the ALS Precision Medicine Program. As Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) since 2018, Dr. Vieira has overseen ALS TDI’s research team of 30 full-time professionals in their efforts to discover targets, drugs, and biomarkers to slow, halt, and end ALS. Dr. Vieira received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Florida.

"Fernando has been instrumental in the success of the organization since he joined ALS TDI,” said Dr. Perrin. “Fernando has been the insightful leader of the scientific team since he became CSO and has clearly demonstrated tremendous vision and leadership to the team. Fernando’s consistent track record of publications and his compassion and ability to communicate with key stakeholders makes him perfect for this transition to the role of CEO and CSO."

In his new role as CEO, Dr. Vieira will assume strategic leadership of the organization while also maintaining the dual role of CSO. He will be responsible for ensuring that ALS TDI continues to advance its mission to discover and develop effective therapeutics for everyone impacted by ALS.

“I’m honored and excited to take on this new role. We’ve assembled an incredible team at ALS TDI and we are supported by an amazing community. Together, we’ll advance our research programs and translate them into desperately needed treatments for people living with ALS,” said Dr. Vieira.

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ALS TDI executes the largest and most comprehensive drug development effort in the world focused entirely on finding treatments for ALS. As a rare nonprofit biotech, ALS TDI operates without regard to profit motive or politics. The ALS TDI lab is located in Greater Boston and employs a team of 30 researchers and drug development experts. ALS TDI is funded by a global community united in ending ALS.