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Here are highlights of some of the research that has been happening at ALS TDI. Thank you for supporting our mission to end ALS.


Research Collaboration

ALS TDI and Google Develop Groundbreaking Tools to Measure ALS Symptom Progression

One of the most important goals of the ALS Therapy Development Institute’s (ALS TDI) Precision Medicine Program (PMP) is to discover objective measures of ALS progression.

In March, ALS TDI and our collaborators at Google published a pre-print of their paper describing research to create artificial intelligence tools for scoring ALS-related symptom severity.

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ALS TDI and Google: Using Data to Improve the Lives of People with ALS

In recent years, one of ALS TDI’s most prominent collaborations has been with our partners at Google. Learn about the various ways that we have collaborated over the years, and what we are working on right now.

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Drug Screening at ALS TDI

Modeling ALS for Drug Screening at ALS TDI

In-vivo (in animal) drug testing is an important step in demonstrating if a drug appears promising enough – and safe enough – to move into a clinical trial in humans.

Dr. Theo Hatzipetros, ALS TDI’s Director of Pharmacology, explains how in-vivo testing works, how in-vivo models are developed and validated, and what new models ALS TDI is currently working on.

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Dr. Kyle Denton: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in ALS Research

One of our most powerful new tools in recent years for in vitro experiments are something called induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPSCs.

On this episode of the Endpoints Podcast, Dr. Kyle Denton, ALS TDI’s Director of Cell Biology, explains what an iPSC is and how we use them in our research to end ALS.

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AT-1501 News

AT-1501 Has a new Name: Tegoprubart

AT-1501, a drug invented at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) and being developed by Eledon Pharmaceuticals, has a new name: tegoprubart. This renaming is an important step in the drug’s development, coming soon after Eledon’s announcement of the full enrollment of its phase 2 trial.

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ALS TDI: Accomplishments and Goals

ALS TDI is the Drug Discovery Engine for ALS. Thanks to your support, we continue to advance potential treatments and learn more about ALS.

Read our blog to learn more about the progress that we have made in 2021, and how we will build upon this progress in 2022 to advance ALS drug discovery.

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