Each month, ALS TDI brings together researchers from our lab and others for a conversation about an important topic to patients today. These can be on a specific trial, an emerging technology, or a broad theory gaining notoriety in the effort to combat ALS. These conversations are designed to ask these researchers direct questions and to provide a place where YOU and YOUR family can speak directly to those working on your behalf at ALS TDI and other labs. These webinars are recorded, but we encourage folks to join us live as your questions and interaction with these researchers is incredibly important.

Our Latest - Midyear ALS Research Review

The goal of our webinars is to provide direct answers to people with ALS, their families and others involved or interested in research leading to the development of effective treatments and cures for ALS.


The newly passed Right to Try law in the US will be discussed during this webinar. 

This session will specifically outline what we think people should be on the lookout for in 2018, including where we stand with Masitinib, CopperATSM, NP001, NurOwn, AT-1501 and other potential treatments.

We will also spend some time providing a short overview of the current basic research focuses in ALS occurring across the globe, such as biomarkers, etc.

This session will be recorded and made available online following the webinar.


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Favorable Mentions

I am committed to give all I can because I know the people at TDI are commited to give all they can as we research for treatments and a cure.

ALS TDI undoubtedly sets themselves apart. It's a nimble organization that can react quickly to research opportunities, provide donor confidence through transparency and keeps their main focus on treatments. With their hallways filled with photos of ALS fighters from yesterday and today... I felt like this organization has their eyes on the prize, speed to a cure.

ALS TDI puts a face on ALS research. I'm sure there is other good research being done, but it's not as accessible as ALS TDI. It means a lot to know they actively make sure the ALS community is central to their work.