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#AskMeAboutALS this ALS Awareness Month

If you could tell the world one thing about ALS, what would it be? May is ALS Awareness Month and this year ALS TDI is spreading awareness through the campaign #AskMeAboutALS. We want to open up a dialogue with those outside of the ALS community to educate more people about what ALS is and why research is needed.

How Can You Participate?

Share a video, photo or text on social media, telling your followers what you want them to know about ALS. This answer can be anything that you would like those unfamiliar with the disease to understand.

Ex. What I want you to know about ALS is that although it impacts my speech and movement it does not impact my ability to think or understand you.

Be sure to tag @ALSTDI when posting on different social sites.

You can also phrase this by stating a fact and then using “#AskMeAboutALS” to encourage people to feel comfortable to ask questions.

We also created a Facebook Frame you can add to your profile photo for the month.

From the Community

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Working to End ALS

By spreading awareness on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and donating to ALS research you are playing an essential role in our mission to #EndALS. Thank you for all of your support!