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Fingolimod (Gilenya, TDI 132)

Fingolimod may slow the degeneration of the motor nerves by reducing neuroinflammation. A sphigosine 1 phosphate receptor agonist, fingolimod blocks the infiltration of T cells into the nervous system by reducing their circulation in the blood. Fingolimod, marketed by Novartis under the name Gilenya, is FDA-approved to treat certain forms of multiple sclerosis.


Type: Small Molecule
Stage: Completed
Status: Inactive
Sponsor: ALS Therapy Development Institute

TDI Says:

Preclinical testing of Gilenya showed a positive trend on ALS progression and survival. Therefore, we decided to advance this drug into a phase II clinical trial. This trial will not measure efficacy of Gilenya. Rather, it is designed to determine whether Gilenya can be given to ALS patients safely. Results and any next steps will be announced when determined.

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Clinical Trials


  • Fingolimod in ALS

    ALS TDI’s Steve Perrin and MGH’s Merit Cudkowicz discuss the upcoming phase IIA clinical trial.

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