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The newest captain on The Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch isn't just the youngest the show has ever seen; Sean Dwyer is also fulfilling his father's legacy.
Season 15 of Deadliest Catch (airs April 9th) features 27-year-old Sean, son of Jenny Gore Dwyer and her husband Pat, an established fisherman in the Bering Sea, who passed from ALS ALS on June 4, 2013.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

From a young age, Sean wanted to be just like his dad. He would spend as much time as possible with Pat, onboard the Jennifer A. He worked hard, got a degree in Diesel Engine Maintenance, and fit nicely into the role of engineer on that vessel. During that time, in 2005, his dad was diagnosed with ALS.

Throughout the eight years his father battled the disease, Sean, his mother, and sister Brenna were by Pat's side, steadfast in their mission to help him see through two of his life's goals: 1) to grow the business and put a second vessel on the water and 2) to work towards finding a cure for ALS.

A Work in Progress

In the fall of 2015, Pat's goal was realized. Sister vessel the Brenna A was launched in Dutch Harbor, Sean in her wheelhouse, one crew on deck and another ready to film the upcoming crabbing season in the wild and unpredictable Bering Sea. All of this is happening on the vessel that Pat named after his daughter, Brenna Adele. Does Deadliest Catch get any better than this?!

Pat Dwyer's second goal remains unmet: today, there is still no cure for ALS. But he was confident that the greatest hope of a treatment and cure would be found in the research efforts of the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

And that is the reason why the family continues to support our work today through the Pat Dwyer Fund. We could not be more grateful. We could not be more determined to end this disease. And we could not be more proud of Sean, his sister Brenna, and his mother Jenny's dedication to work with us to fulfill Pat's dream of ending ALS.

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