The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is pleased to share that we are partnering with Corsalex, a biotech firm specializing in therapies for C9orf72 spectrum disorders. This strategic alliance promises not only to deepen our comprehension of ALS/FTD but also to catalyze the development of novel treatments that can be advanced to clinical trials. 

Corsalex is a joint initiative between Panorama Research Inc. and KCK Ltd., a family investment fund specifically equipped to finance the development of promising therapies for C9orf72-related ALS and FTD. Under the expert guidance of its founders, Piero Mendez, and the renowned biomedical entrepreneur, Dr. James Larrick, the company aims to develop impactful interventions for these devastating diseases.

In pursuit of this transformative vision, Corsalex seeks to identify promising molecules and innovative technologies for therapeutic development. For optimal efficiency, Corsalex chooses to partner with organizations like ALS TDI, that already have established infrastructure and expertise in preclinical testing. 

Through this collaboration, ALS TDI will meticulously test and validate Corsalex's discoveries within our own state-of-the-art lab. This hands-on involvement ensures a comprehensive and streamlined evaluation process, allowing us to pinpoint the most promising candidates for further advancement.

Why Did Corsalex Choose ALS TDI?

Corsalex chose to partner with ALS TDI due to the organization’s exceptional capabilities and reputation as a leader in the field of preclinical ALS research. ALS TDI's mission to discover and invent treatments to end ALS aligns with Corsalex's goals of efficient, value-driven research and development.

Piero Mendez, Managing Partner at Corsalex, expressed the company's eagerness and commitment to collaborating with ALS TDI in pioneering advancements within the ALS research field: "As an asset-centric drug development company, we focus on advancing our candidates as efficiently as possible. We chose ALS TDI because they are renowned for their expertise in ALS drug testing and have a robust infrastructure perfectly suited for our needs."

Promising Treatment Candidates

Corsalex's approach to ALS therapeutics is modality agnostic and focuses on treating relevant, disease-causing pathways such as neuroinflammation and autophagy. Their portfolio already includes programs aimed at addressing these critical aspects of the disease.

While there is no definitive limit to the number of candidates to be tested, both organizations are committed to making informed decisions about advancing treatments based on experimental results. The partnership aims to prioritize the most promising therapies for further development. Thanks to the financial backing of KCK Ltd., Corsalex has the ability to rapidly advance these treatments toward clinical trials.

A Long-Term Collaboration

This partnership between Corsalex and ALS TDI is intended to be long-term, with the potential for further collaborations as promising treatments progress. While the initial focus is on in vitro, or cell-based testing, both organizations remain open to expanding their collaboration into animal studies once they identify promising treatments.

As Piero stated: “We definitely see this as a long-term partnership. The ideal scenario is one where we collaborate to advance multiple therapies into the clinic and really improve patient’s lives.”

A Shared Vision

Both ALS TDI and Corsalex share a common vision: to improve the lives of those affected by ALS and related disorders by advancing innovative treatments. This partnership represents a significant step towards achieving this goal.

Fernando Vieira, CEO and CSO of ALS TDI, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating: "We are honored to join forces with Corsalex and advance our shared mission. Together, we can harness our collective expertise to accelerate the development of therapies for ALS caused by the C9 mutation and bring hope to people with ALS and their families."

Piero added: I think that ALS and FTD are on the cusp of having some real disease modifying therapies emerge. It's exciting, but it's also daunting. I am hopeful that we can make a dent in this, and I think one of the first steps to doing that is to partner with great organizations and people who have the same ambitions and goals that we have, and ALS TDI fits that perfectly.”

The partnership between ALS TDI and Corsalex underscores the power of collaboration in advancing ALS research and the relentless pursuit of treatments that could transform lives.

ALS TDI looks forward to providing future updates on the partnership with Corsalex and the potential treatments that we are testing.  To learn more about Corsalex, and about pre-clinical research at ALS TDI, register to attend the ALS TDI Summit on October 27th.

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