To our community, 
I mean it – this is the most important letter I have ever written.
COVID-19 is seriously impacting the progress of ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI). Individual donations are down significantly, and the events that we rely on to fund our work are being canceled due to the need to socially distance. The impact is real, and the need is urgent. If you are in a position to give, will you please provide an immediate gift to fund our lab?
The executive team and I met this morning to discuss the implications of the slow down. We have had to make difficult decisions in order to preserve funds and keep our lab open. Without immediate help, we will be forced to pause some of our most promising research projects.

The virus could also force us to pause the Precision Medicine Program, leading to an immense loss of valuable data, not only for ALS TDI but for the hundreds of people living with ALS today who participate in the program. The reality is that our financial losses, at this critical time, could exponentially slow down potential treatments for thousands of people living with ALS today, and the generations of people with ALS still to come.
All this week I have been responding to individuals with ALS and families who are worried about the impact the virus could have on finding effective treatments. I am as worried as they are. Because we immediately invest all donations into projects in the lab, we do not have money saved to deal with this unprecedented situation.
If you are able to make a gift, please donate today. We need you now. We can’t let this virus slow the pace of the research at this critical time.
Donate Now to Continue ALS Research
Together, we will get through this.
Together, we will end ALS.

Dr. Steve Perrin, CEO
The ALS Therapy Development Institute