Celebrate Lou Gehrig Day with ALS TDI and the greater ALS community on June 2, 2024! Find a game near you and head out to support your local ALS organizations. While posting about the day, please use #LouGehrigDay to help spread awareness!

ALS TDI will be spreading awareness at the following games, reach out to learn more!

  • Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics (June 4) - Email us at info@als.net to join us with free tickets!
  • New York Yankees at San Francisco Giants (June 2) - You can grab discounted tickets here!
  • Los  Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners (June 2) - You can grab discounted tickets here!
  • Detroit Tigers at Red Sox (June 2)

Thank you to the MLB and the LG4Day Committee for making this incredible day happen!

Click here to learn more!

Looking to represent at your local LG4Day games with some Lou Gehrig Day Swag? You can order an official 4ALS shirt from the MLB store here.