On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, researcher-turned-advocate Dr. Paul Wicks of Sano Genetics joined ALS TDI for a virtual town hall to discuss the "Light the Way" genetic testing program.

Light the Way is a new online platform that offers no-cost genetic education, counseling, testing, peer support, and connections to research opportunities. With the recent approval of a new gene therapy for people living with SOD1 ALS and the potential for IVF to prevent passing on genes to future generations, it is now more important than ever to offer these services to the whole community.

Dr. Wicks discussed how researchers, ALS scientists, advocates, innovators, and gene carriers collaborated to develop this program, the importance of genetic testing, and how to access Light the Way’s services. He also answered several questions about the program and genetic testing more broadly from attendees.

To see a video of the ALS TDI Town Hall Light the Way: A New Approach to Genetic Testing, click here.

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