Recently, a friend of ALS TDI, Ron, from the ALS Forum who lost his voice in 2003 and has been living officially diagnosed with ALS since 2005, shared some poems with our team. We wanted to share them with all here. Thank you, Ron, for sharing with us, you are truly an inspiration. 


This Thing

I often think of walking

Through fields of grass and stream

These things I took for granted

Now they're just a dream


Friends I used to have

Over time they drift away

It leaves me to assume

Must be seeing me this way


Our bodies have been ravaged

Minds are left to dream

Some mornings I often wake up

With a silent scream


We all fight this battle

We know we cannot win

I also know I’ll never

Walk those fields again


I know I must keep on fighting

Some of us with just our brain

Our bodies may be broken

But our spirits still remain


Don't let this monster beat you

After all it too will pass

It's only temporary

This Thing called ALS.                                                                           




Why is it some are chosen

Singled out it seems to me

Or is it some kind of honor

To have this rare disease


It seems to skip the bad ones

It only takes the best

Are we special people?

To be chosen over the rest


I don't know a single person

Who has this rare disease

That ever asked this question

Why did this happen to me


To the ones that has gone before us

Their memories must never fade

For all their pain and suffering

The sacrifices that they made


There has to be a reason

All though it's missed by me

So we must be Special People

To have this rare disease.


For my friend and fellow forum member, Olly

Some men are meant for greatness

God meant it just to be

The man we all should credit

My friend, we called Olly


He gave his time so freely

Helped so many in the past

Any problem you needed help with

You only had to ask


There's been many on this forum

But I have yet to see

Anyone that done for others

Like this man we called Olly


So we must never forget him

No one ever should

I'm proud to have known him

A man so filled with good


He's gone but not forgotten

As soon as we all will be

I hope we all remember

A good man we called Olly


He always ended his posts

With the most beautiful repast

I always will remember it

Until my very last


Into the heart, an air that kills, from yon far country blows.

What are those blue remembered hills, what spires what farms are those?

That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain,

The happy highways where I went and cannot go again


By Ron Schaffer