Anyone who uses Facebook regularly is sure to be well aware of Facebook Fundraisers. It’s a feature that had a soft launch in 2016 for a select group of charitable organizations and became widely available to all nonprofits in 2017.

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) was able to join this fundraising effort in November 2016 and raised over $25,000 that first month. In July 2020, our amazing supporters helped us hit an incredible milestone with our all-time Facebook Fundraiser total reaching over $1 million. Hundreds of people have created Facebook Fundraisers over the years to benefit ALS TDI. Collectively, these fundraisers have raised vital money and awareness for the work going on in our lab.

After Facebook acquired Instagram, Instagram joined in on the fundraising in 2019 by creating a donation sticker for users to add to their stories. You can learn how to add a donation sticker to your Instagram stories here.

We are so thankful to everyone who continues to create annual birthday, anniversary, and Giving Tuesday fundraisers. Together, you have made such a big impact on ALS research at ALS TDI.

You can make a Facebook Fundraiser for ALS research at ALS TDI here.

For more information about Facebook Fundraisers, check out the FAQs below!


How Do You Make a Facebook Fundraiser?

• Go to the Facebook Fundraisers tab and click the blue Raise Money button.

• Set a goal and share why you are fundraising for ALS TDI or the nonprofit of your choice. Facebook adds language automatically, but fundraisers that share a personal story about why the cause is important to you tend to do the best!

• Post your fundraiser and invite your friends and family to donate.

Does Facebook Take Fees from Fundraisers?

When Facebook Fundraisers first launched they did take fees. Currently, Facebook takes no fees and 100% of the donations made through Facebook Fundraisers go to the nonprofit organization.

Other Questions?

You can learn more from the Facebook Help Center here.